Progressive Rock Demographics 2020

Defector Music Management has conducted the following report analysing the demographics of the progressive rock fanbase in 2020. 403 participants from several Facebook groups have participated. We would like to thank you all for your support and participation.

The report in bullet points

  • 73% of the participants were men, whereas 27% of the participants were women.
  • 19% participants were under 25, 44% between 25 and 45 and 37% over 45.
  • The majority of participants were European (50%), closely followed by North Americans (38%). The rest of the continents remain as follows: Oceania (5%), Asia (4%), South America (3%) and Africa (1%).

Taking into account the survey made by in 2016, there have been significant changes in the fanbase (check their report here). Most respondents (about ¾) who listen to their station were over the age of 45 and 10% of them were women. In contrast, most participants of our 2020 report (63%) were under the age of 45 and 27% of them were women.

In 2016, 10% of the progger fanbase were women. In 2020, it has gone up to 27%.

Please feel free to check and download the full report below.

We hope you are all safe and happy at home. We are one day closer to seeing and embracing each other at our favourite concerts.


Captura de pantalla 2020-04-13 a las 17.09.34

Progressive Rock Demographics 2020

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