Getting to know Brooks Orion, the ultimate künstler

Defector Music is glad to present Brooks Orion, the frontman of his self-named conceptual, theatrical rock band based in Berlin, Germany. For a taste of their music, check out the newly released live video for ‘Meltdown’. However, we strongly recommend attending their performance with TremoResistance this Friday the 8th of November at Zosch (Tucholskystraße 30, 10117, Berlin), as you will never imagine what Brooks Orion is up to until you see him live!

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Defector Music: Would you kindly introduce yourself?

Brooks Orion: My name is Brooks Orion. I am the chairperson of the Happiness Inc. I grew up in a medium-sized town called H. Hughes Cove, in a middle-class family. My mother was taken away from me at a very young age. She got involved in a car crash with a CEO, but he made a deal with the judge and was not charged. Growing up without a mother was hard but it shaped me into the determined human being that I am today!

My mother got involved in a car crash with a CEO, but he made a deal with the judge and was not charged

DM: Can you give us your interpretation of what the Happiness Inc stands for?

BO: With our family of products and online resources we are building a future that is different from any other company. We aim to connect the world and make it one for all with the corporation. Whether we are creating new products or helping the individual, our team is constantly trying to reach every individual from the top of the ladder to the complete bottom.


DM: Does performing your musical artworks make you happy? In what ways?

BO: Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my creations. I can access parts within myself I never knew or was to afraid to share with the world. Personally, I have learned that opening up to the world and being authentic and honest is what brings the most joy. And with art I can reach my full potential.

DM: What is your biggest addiction?

BO: I grew up with a father who was an honest and hard-working gentleman who worked at a logging business. He encouraged me to work very hard so good things would come my way. This has left me with a thriving business but also with a workaholic-like attitude. However, in our corporation, we have the brightest minds and pills to help with your addictions.

In our corporation we have the brightest minds and pills to help with your addictions

DM: If you were to perform in front of 350,000 people in the former “no man’s land” terrain between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate, like Roger Waters in 1990, what would you say to your audience?

BO: I would tell the money slurping business man that money will not feed his dirty mouth. I would tell the government that people are not something they can own. They cannot own us. I would tell the person that has any doubts to trust us – we can be a shoulder to lean on. We are not a materialistic company nor are our ideas. We provide unconditional love and do not care what your background is. We are Happiness!

We provide unconditional love and do not care what your background is

DM: If you could perform a song with any musician in the world, which song and which musician would you choose? Why?

BO: I am not really sure with whom I would play with. Musicians are a weird kind of people and I am quite picky with whom I play with. Their personality is very important to me because if I cannot trust the musician, I would not feel at ease. But it would be very interesting to play with St. Vincent or Tash Sultana. Their ecstatic guitar playing inspires me. As for the song, I would play a jammed version of ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley. I am a big fan of reggae music – I would tell people to love their enemy as well as their friends, so that they see we all have one Love for each other.

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Check out their first themed podcast here, released last Sunday 3rd of November. It explores the topic of “the wage gap” with special guest Andrea TruHi.

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